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How to Make Your Home Look and Feel BIGGER!

In today's blog post we talk about 4 TIPS to make your home appear bigger both in photos and in person when a prospective home buyers see it. It's all about LIGHTING.

Tip #1. Clean Your Windows
Prior to taking the photos or showing the home, have the inside and outside of your windows CLEANED.  This should include taking off and cleaning the screens.  You will be surprised how much more light shines through once the windows are fully cleaned, especially after the wet winter months.

Tip #2. Have Matching Bulbs

There are many choices when it comes to light bulbs.  It's important that all the bulbs in your light fixtures match one another.  Our favorite hue when selecting bulbs is a SOFT WHITE.

Tip #3. Replace Bad Bulbs

If there are missing or burnt out light bulbs it can have a negative effect on a home buyers perception of your home in many ways.  One, it make the home feel small and dark.  #2 It can give the impression that your home is not well maintained.  The can think, if you are to lazy to replace a bulb, what other things in the home are you not taking care of. Make sure all your light bulbs are in and working well.

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Tip #4 Use the Maximum Wattage 

An easy one.  Use the maximum wattage that each light fixture allows.  If a fixture allows up to a 100 watt bulb, maximize it using a 100 watt bulb.  Don't use a 40w bulb in it.  This will help with the rooms brightness and overall fell we are trying to accomplish.

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3 Simple Tips to Selling an Outdated Home

Selling and outdated home can sometimes be a challenge because many home buyers today have higher expectations. With the vast majority of home improvement shows showing the fancy remodels and excellent finishes buyers often hope their next home will be move in ready.  Additionally, many buyers are scared of with the thought of how much things could cost to update and fix when things break.

Here are 3 Tips to help you sell an outdated home


1. Remove the older looking decor. Take down the 1950's curtains, remove the older furniture and get rid of the pieces in the home that visual look older and add the look and feel of the home. I would rather have windows with no window coverings, letting in a lot of natural light vs outdated old and smelly curtains.

2. This next tip is a bit more harsh on the budget. Freshen up the paint and flooring. The flooring, especially carpet, and walls can trap in dirt, stains and old smells. When buyers first walk through your home it is a smart idea to appeal to all of their senses. They will use their senses to take in the home. Fresh paint and carpet eliminates the old smells and looks fresh and clean.

3. Offer a home warranty! For around $425- $500 dollars an home warranty is a nice piece of mind for a new buyers. A home warranty can cover repairs such as plumbing leaks, water heater replacement, heating and air repairs and replacement, appliance repair and a lot more.  Offering this to a home buyer, especially a first time buyer, can give a little extra incentive to not overlook your home.

**Bonus Tip:  Stage the home.  Staging can be a huge help to selling an outdated home.  Home Staging will help potential buyers look past some of the old and focus on how things could look.  

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