Stockton CA:
The number of newly listed homes for sale in Stockton CA fell in March.  There was as light drop to 482 newly listed homes.  The trend that really jumped out the most last month were the number of home that went pending, or under contract.  343 Homes went pending in March, which is quite a spike vs the previous month of 256 homes.

Given the large amount of home that went pending and the lack of number of homes that went on the market, the amount of inventory DECREASED.   Inventory decreased to 1.8 months on homes for sale in Stockton, favoring a sellers market again.

The days on market trend in declining.  The days on market represents ALL homes for sale in Stockton.  Currently, the amount of days it takes on average for a home to go pending is 50.  This number is different in various price points of the market.  For example, homes priced above $400,0000 take on average 63 days to go pending.  Whereas homes under $300,000 take less at 50 days.

If you are looking for more information about your specific homes value or the area you live, don't hesitate to reach out to David McKeever.  Call or text 209.483.6523.  David was named Best Realtor in the Best of San Joaquin Award in 2017 and 2018.