Recently RISMedia released the most popular curb appeal trends for 2017.  We thought we would cover the ideas which are the most cost effective and would give you the biggest bang for your buck.  Read about the trends below.

#1 Rethink the Front Door:
We have long advised that the front door—one of the first things a visitor touches—should look well-kept and attractive.  Replacing the front door has been shown to give the highest ROI (return on investment) for small home improvement projects when preparing your home for sell.  
If you aren't considering replacing the front door, perhaps a fresh coat of paint will refreshing the look.  Contrast is color is good and some homes could benefit from brighter colors.  
Think about the doors hardware too.  Replace it if its old and corroded.

#2 Exterior Lighting
Cleaning globes and replacing bulbs instantly brings new life to your evening facade. New fixtures are inexpensive and can usually be owner-installed. Often times dead bugs dirt and grime get within the light fixture and a simple cleaning will spruce it up.
You will likely be delighted to discover that advanced lighting technology has gone beyond fluorescent with the introduction of LED bulbs. LEDs provide more lumens with less power, resulting in brighter entryways while saving on electricity.

#3 NEW Stone Veneer
 Stone veneer is an up-and-coming trend for home upgrades. Once installed, stone veneer is nearly indistinguishable from full stonework. The key difference is cost and ease of installation. Stonework speaks to craftsmanship, and veneer gives your home an expensive look for less. Stone veneer also has advantages beyond cosmetic:

  • It’s rugged and never needs painting.
  • It comes in a wide variety of textures and colors.
  • You can use it for an entire house, a single wall or just the skirting.

#4 Driveways and Walkways
Clean and washed driveways and walkways look great.  To add to the blandness of them try adding a brick pavers along the border to add some class.  It is a weekend project and can be done yourself.

#5 Add color to your landscaping
After pulling the weeds from the flower boxes, mowing and edging the grass, spruce up the yard by adding splashes of color.  Green is great, but let's take it a step further by adding some color. 
The cost of some plants can give big rewards when it comes to curb appeal.  There are colorful plants which can be planted into your Californian landscape all year round.

#6 Check your mailbox
The mailbox can be an easy upgrade.  On a street where all the mailboxes look the same, and where the houses also may be cookie-cutter, you can set yours apart.  Look to upgrade your mailbox and freshen it up if it needs a coat of paint or some new trim.

That’s the point of all these improvements. Give your house its own attractive identity—and for less than you might expect.

To read the full article about curb appeal trends on RIS Media, click here.